The Definition & Creation of Liveable Cities


Everyone wants to live in a location where life is easy to manage and stress levels are as low as possible. With most people in the Western world living in cities, politicians and town planners are constantly striving to create the most liveable conditions possible.  From transportation and accommodation through to work and school opportunities, there are lots of things to take into consideration when measuring liveability. Let's take a look at two leading ways to measure quality of life and see what it means for the future of city life.

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The Rise of the Microworker


The world of work is changing all the time, with long careers less likely in the modern world and microwork opportunities coming to the foreground. Microwork is a series of small tasks that combine together to create a single unified project. Microworkers are normally employed in the technology sector, as a kind of virtual assembly line that flows between skill sets and across continents. While microworking can lead to a number of opportunities, what it offers in agility and flexibility it often lacks in stability and job security. 

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Why are Allergies on the Rise


The world is becoming increasingly allergic to common foods, with children in particular likely to develop new allergies. When analysed on a global basis, the spread of allergies is far from even, with Western nations increasing at a much faster rate and specific countries much worse than others. While no-one knows for sure why allergy rates are increasing, a number of theories are being examined to explain the rising allergy crisis.

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Lab-grown Meat is Coming


Lab-grown meat, also known as cultured meat, has been called the future of food by leading scientists and industry experts. Produced by the cultivation of animal cells rather than the slaughter of animals, this new and novel form of meat is likely to hit the supermarket shelves in the not too distant future. Despite the many environmental benefits attached to lab-grown meat, our attitudes surrounding high-tech meat will need some major adjusting before this food source is widely accepted. 

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Video Games - Both Sport & Addiction


Video games and video game culture continues to influence the wider world. More than a pastime for bored teenagers and lost adults, video games are now recognised as both a professional sport and a powerful form of addiction. This dichotomy highlights the complex relationship that exists between gamers and their favourite hobby, with video games best understood as a warped mirror that reflects society rather than a positive or negative force in their own right.  

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