The Wonders of Being Bored


With Christmas over, school holidays here, and people getting back to work, sometimes it seems like boredom is the enemy. According to a new study from the University of Waterloo in Canada, however, boredom can be a wondrous state that's full of potential for new and amazing things. While the negative feelings that often accompany boredom are there for a reason, you can learn to see it as a call to action rather than a reason to get anxious or depressed.

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White Noise for Your Home


The sound of silence may not be what it seems, with white noise allowing us to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of natural environments in any location. If you've ever turned on a fan to enjoy a sleep-in or spent time camping next to a wandering creek, then you'll understand just how Zen white noise can be. While these analogue noise sources are still available, white noise apps are making it easier than ever before to tune out the world and enjoy the real sound of silence.

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Property Assets Soar


New Zealand's collective household wealth has soared in value over the past decade, thanks mostly to an increase in the value of property assets. According to Statistics New Zealand, the net worth of New Zealand households rose from $886 billion in 2007 to $1.5 trillion today, a jump of 69 percent. Kiwis are not feeling the direct effects of these riches, however, with wealth tied up in real estate and pension funds, household debt levels high, savings rates low, and the distribution curve far from equal.

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Rents Could Rise on New Tax Break


The end of a historic tax break for New Zealand landlords could have unintended negative consequences for tenants. While stopping the tax break on loss-making rental properties has been designed to even the playing field between investors and first-home buyers, costs are likely to get passed down to tenants. If the situation does improve for first-home buyers as a result of the changes, renters may also be adversely affected due to a decrease in the amount of affordable housing stock. 

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The Best Time of Day to Exercise


Some people wake at the crack of dawn to exercise, with others waiting until after work in the late afternoon or evening. While exercise is great at any time of the day, it seems our internal body clocks can have a huge effect on the amount of calories that we burn. Finding the perfect time for your fitness regime is part art and part science, with each person needing to match their personal preferences with universal circadian rhythms and innate human physiology.

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