Internal Migration & Property Prices


COVID-19 will have a dramatic effect on the New Zealand property market, but not in the way many people expected. While prices are sky high and heated city markets remain under pressure, internal migration may be a surprise new force shaping the future movement of people and prices across the country. More Kiwis are ready to cross the Cook Strait looking for greener pastures, as South Islanders look north for new opportunities and North Islanders look south for clean air and a fresh start. There are many factors influencing this interest, including a sharp rise in remote work opportunities due to the global pandemic.  

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Migration Down 90%


New Zealand is a land fuelled by immigration, with population growth from "outside" having a strong influence on property prices and economic figures. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a sharp stop on immigration, with a decline in international arrivals set to influence every aspect of the economic recovery. While the trans-Tasman travel bubble looks set to go ahead early next year, nations other than Australia are unlikely to see New Zealand shores for some time. In a land dependent on growth from tourism and population-led demand, this could have serious implications for the future of the nation.

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Household Density around the World


Household density around the world is widely dependent on where you live, with global differences highlighted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Household type also differs widely between nations and cities, from solo households to nuclear families and extended family groups. Let's take a look at household density rates in different countries, and try to understand the size and shape of the modern home with respect to population changes and city growth rates around the world. 

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Famous Private Islands


There's nothing like relaxing on a tropical island, swimming through pristine waters, and letting the worries of the world fade away in the cool breeze. For most of us, island holiday life is very much a communal affair, with the vast majority of small islands owned by large resorts or shared by multiple citizens. There are lots of private islands dotted around the world, however, and a number of high profile owners who don't need to share with anyone at all. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Pamela Anderson, from the Bahamas to Dubai, let's take a look at some of the most famous private islands in the world.

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How Much Meat is Ideal


In a modern world saturated with information, confusion, and endless goodwill, knowing what to eat can seem like a major challenge. When it comes to dietary advice, there's nothing more polarising than red meat, with some people advocating meat-centred diets and others recommending almost no consumption at all. Let's take a look at current healthcare advice on red meat consumption from around the world, and try to understand just how much is considered 'safe' when you balance the risks with the rewards.   

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