Sales Numbers Drop Sharply


The New Zealand property market is struggling to find momentum, with house sales dropping by almost 50% from the same time last year. Despite the great health results achieved since the shutdown, the impact of the pandemic continues to weaken domestic industries, mute migration numbers, and threaten the tourism sector. While New Zealand house prices have been remarkably resilient so far, the sharp drop in sales volumes highlights a new and mostly unknown landscape ahead.  

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The Impact of a closed NZ


New Zealand has emerged from lockdown earlier than most, with relatively few deaths and a contained COVID-19 spread despite a small recent outbreak. While closing down much of the economy was seen as a necessary measure by many New Zealanders, the economic and social impacts of the shutdown will take some recovery time. Certain industries have been hit hard, including tourism, hospitality, and discretionary retail. The entire country will be under pressure in the months ahead, with smart navigation needed to manage the economic and social impacts of the pandemic.

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Pet World Records


From cats and dogs to more exotic pets, animals add so much colour and joy to human lives. While all pets are special, some of our animal companions are a little more memorable than most. Record-breaking animals come in all shapes and sizes, from the world's tallest dog to the loudest purring cat and a turtle that's been around longer than any human. Let's take a look at some pet world records to see if your beloved pet has what it takes to enter the record books. 

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Psychology & pressure in sport


Excelling at sport demands a potent combination of physical ability, mental ambition, and emotional stability. Conditioning your body to perfection is only half the battle, you also need a rock solid mental approach and the rare ability to deal with pressure in its many shifting forms. From Olympic athletes to world-class football players, the psychology of pressure in sport is a huge and often opaque subject that we're only beginning to understand.

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Your Home is your Gym


Gyms across Australia and New Zealand have been shut over recent weeks, with outdoor fitness equipment and classes also limited until very recently. While everyone will be happy when their local gym opens for business, the pandemic has given people a unique opportunity to take control of their own fitness. From YouTube fitness classes to bodyweight routines and backyard workouts, the humble suburban home can be your new fitness centre.

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