The Best Time of Day to Exercise


Some people wake at the crack of dawn to exercise, with others waiting until after work in the late afternoon or evening. While exercise is great at any time of the day, it seems our internal body clocks can have a huge effect on the amount of calories that we burn. Finding the perfect time for your fitness regime is part art and part science, with each person needing to match their personal preferences with universal circadian rhythms and innate human physiology.

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Shrinking House Trend


Home sizes are shrinking across the western world, with rising populations, apartment living, and increasing prices putting renewed pressure on the size of the family home. While smaller houses are not necessarily cheaper, they do provide people with more choice in overheated property markets. Rather than seeing shrinking homes as a negative consequence of unsustainable population growth, people are embracing the trend for high quality, high density homes that just happen to have a smaller footprint.

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World's Untouched Tribes


The recent death of an American missionary on a remote Indian island has brought the world's untouched tribes into the spotlight. Commonly referred to as uncontacted or lost tribes, this small group of indigenous peoples face numerous threats from the outside world. There are currently thought to be around 100 tribes living completely cut-off from modern civilisation. Most of the tribes live deep in the Amazon rainforest, with others existing in the Congo, the mountains of New Guinea, and islands off the coast of India.

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ASB Finishes the Year with Optimism


The ASB has ended the year on an optimistic note, with the bank expecting GDP growth in New Zealand to improve over coming months despite domestic business pessimism and growing global uncertainty. According to their latest Quarterly Economic Forecast, GDP growth is likely to reach almost 3 percent at the end of 2018 as the New Zealand economy heads into the summer break feeling confident and ready to tackle the challenges of 2019.

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The Health Effects of Microplastics


Plastics are a common feature of modern life, with different types of plastics found in everything from the clothes we wear through to the beauty products we put on our skin. While these moldable polymers are ubiquitous and can be highly useful, they have also been associated with a range of problematic health issues. Microplastics are causing particular concern among healthcare professionals, with these tiny pieces of plastic either directly added to consumer products or created accidentally when larger plastics break down.

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