Benefits of Intergenerational Living


Living with your relatives is common in many parts of the world, with financial and cultural reasons often bringing three of more generations together. While many Aussies and Kiwis live in share houses when they're young, the nuclear family is very much the norm later in life. Living trends are slowly changing, however, with people staying at home for longer and elderly parents sometimes moving back with their kids after they retire. While extended families and mixed generational homes are certainly not for everyone, intergenerational living can offer advantages to people at any stage of life.

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Developing Heathy Habits


Everyone wants to improve their situation and live their best possible life. Despite best intentions, however, making changes to your lifestyle can be extremely difficult. Inertia is a very real thing, with emotional and lifestyle ruts often leading to bad habits and addictions that can seem impossible to break. This is especially true when it comes to health and fitness, where the best intentions often lead to guilt and disappointment. Developing healthy habits is the key, with realistic goals and gradual shifts creating real sustainable transformations.    

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House Values Drop in Auckland but Rise Elsewhere


New Zealand's biggest housing market continues to fall, with other major centres softening but the regions still seeing healthy growth. According to May figures from Quotable Value, the average home value in Auckland fell by -1.9 per cent over the last six months, which is fairly consistent with recent declines at -2.1 per cent for the year. Other major centres were struggling but still up over 12 months, with regional centres experiencing stronger growth as New Zealand becomes a three-speed property market. 

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Migration Up but Approval Down


Migration numbers are up across New Zealand, with a recent surge of arrivals leading to a strong net gain for the year ending April. Most long-term arrivals were Australian and New Zealand citizens, with people arriving on work, student, and visitor visas also up over the year. While more people arrived and departed New Zealand than they did in 2018, the number of people leaving the country was more muted. New Zealand is one of the most diverse nations in the world, with debate still taking place over what is sustainable for such a small and geographically isolated nation.

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World's Most Exclusive Travel Experiences


It doesn't matter where you go or what you do, travel has the potential to transform your expectations and enrich your life. New perspectives and experiences can help you take a step back and look at your life through a new lens. While every holiday feels a little extravagant, there are some destinations and experiences that revel in their exclusive status. From million dollar resorts through to penthouse suites and holidays in space, let's take a look at the world's most lavish travel experiences.

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