Decline in Housing Investment


Housing investment is falling across New Zealand, with new figures from the Reserve Bank showing a steep decline in the amount borrowed by investors over the last few months. Relative quiet in the investment arena is due to a few different factors, including rises in mortgage interest rates, tighter lending criteria, and tighter LVR restrictions for investment loans. While the Reserve Bank seem satisfied with how borrowing figures have been tracking, they have warned about the possibility of a resurgence of housing pressures.

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Rise of the Superfoods


Everyone knows how important it is to have a healthy diet in order to feel your best. Along with regular exercise, there's no better way to boost your performance than through the introduction of nutrient-rich superfoods. The term "superfood" covers a lot of ground, from ancient grains and nutrient-dense nuts through to fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. Whether you're a high performance athlete, a stressed office worker, or a busy mum, there's never been a better time to change your diet so you can be as super as possible.

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Home Ownership Around the World


As Aussies and Kiwis find it increasingly difficult owning their own home, it's easy to think that the situation is the same everywhere. While house prices have grown faster than incomes in many countries and the global house price index continues its steady recovery, there is a huge divergence in home ownership rates around the world. House prices, incomes, and culture all have a huge effect on how people live and pay the bills, with increasing house price-to-income ratios in many countries making it hard for many to enter the property market. 

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How your Personality affects your Diet


Your personality may be to blame for your bad eating habits, with food personality types and trends found to have a huge influence on how people diet and gain weight. After researching more than 90,000 Australian adults, the CSIRO identified five main diet-related personality types and a number of food personality trends existing across generations. While your personality is not the only thing that influences your eating habits, knowing how you relate to food is crucial if you want to set up realistic diet and exercise routines.

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Housing and the Election


The New Zealand election is just days away, with housing one of the key issues addressed by politicians over the course of the election campaign. The main political parties have outlined a number of new and existing policies related to housing supply and affordability, including policies related to new developments, first-home ownership, property tax, foreign buyer rules, and plans to increase housing supply in Auckland and other high-demand areas. Let's take a look at how the major and minor parties plan to tackle some of the most significant issues facing New Zealand.

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