Health Benefits of Dogs


From Miniature Poodles and Chihuahuas through to German Shepherds and Great Danes, there’s a reason why dogs are called man's best friend. Whether you want to get active, improve your social life, or reduce your stress levels, dogs can do wonders for your health and wellbeing. Owning a dog has even been linked to having a longer life, so what are you waiting for, grab your collar and lead or head down to the local pet shop and introduce yourself to your new best friend.

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Trump vs China - What does it mean for New Zealand


The looming trade war between the United States and China will have an effect well beyond the two countries' borders, with New Zealand likely to be caught in the middle. While not directly involved, trading nations like New Zealand could be adversely affected by the rise of protectionism, and the general undermining of the World Trade Organisation. While American and Chinese consumers will take most of the heat, the war of attrition between the two trading giants will also affect global markets and the principles of international trade.

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Prices Flat Heading into Winter


New Zealand property values are flat heading into winter, as stock levels rise, time on market increases, and Auckland becomes a buyer's market for the first time in years. While the Wellington market is still strong and certain regional markets are performing well, Christchurch is down and national figures are cooling. According to Quotable Value (QV), the average value of all residential dwellings throughout the country was $677,618 in March, up 7.3 percent compared to March last year.

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Life on Venus?


After decades of searching for signs of life in the stars, the very thing we've been looking for may have been on our galactic doorstep all along. A recent article in the Astrobiology journal suggests there may be life in the clouds of Venus. An international team of scientists, including researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, have used evidence from new Venus footage to make these speculations. While Venus’ atmosphere has everything micro-organisms would need to survive, the study authors won't know what's really going on until they send a floating aircraft to comb the skies of Venus.

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Turn your home into a gym


When it comes to exercise, procrastination is all too easy due to the mental and physical barriers that we put in place. People who want to get fit are often told to join a gym or buy an expensive piece of workout equipment - things that cost more time and money than most people have. There is a solution, however, working out at home. By turning your home into a gym and getting inspired by your domestic environment, you can break down the barriers that have been holding you back for so long.

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