Happiness & the Midlife Crisis


The midlife crisis has been partially explained in recent research, with our happiness said to follow a distinct U-shaped curve that bottoms out in our 40s. While only about 10 percent of men, and even fewer women, actually experience a full-blown midlife crisis, our middle years are the time when our happiness is tested the most. There is some good news, however, with the general unhappiness experienced in our 40s and early 50s almost always improving in the decades that follow.

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Boosting your Metabolism


It's a common belief that speeding up your metabolism helps you to stay healthy, burn more calories, and improve your weight loss efforts. Even though there's a lot of truth to this statement, there are also a number of myths associated with metabolism and how it functions. While exercise, diet, and lifestyle factors can have a significant effect on your metabolism, your age and genetic makeup also have an important role to play.  

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Dealing with Household Waste


Household waste is a major problem across the world, with 50 tonnes of waste thrown away every second and 12 container ships filled each day. As if this wasn't bad enough, waste production is set to double by 2030 unless we make some drastic changes. The waste industry is a huge and growing business, with most waste either going to landfill or burned as it releases toxic dioxins into the atmosphere. Now more than ever, it's up to individuals to take responsibility for their own household waste.

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How Low Will the Kiwi Dollar Go


The New Zealand dollar recently hit two year lows as it reacted to a strong US dollar and changes in China's economic forecasts. The Kiwi dropped as low as 67.76 US cents in early July, with the trade-weighted index dropping to 72.73. A strong US dollar and rising Federal Reserve interest rates have put downward pressure on the Kiwi over recent months, with international pressures also mounting as the Chinese currency effectively devalued by 2 percent in its biggest devaluation in almost three years.

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NZ's Biggest Commercial Property Sales


With so many large residential property deals getting headlines, it's easy to forget about the really big fish in the world of real estate. Commercial property sales of $3.8 billion have been recorded in New Zealand over the year, including some massive deals in the Auckland city centre. According to a report from Colliers International, major office transactions led the way, with strong interest from syndicators and overseas interests.

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