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Mortgage Link offers free, non-aligned insurance advice and helps tailor solutions that meet your requirements and fit your budget.

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With specialist insurance advisers in most of our offices we are able to provide risk management advice and insurance quotes specific to your own situation. The aim is to ensure that you will receive financial compensation (have the money you need) if something unforeseen happens.

Insurance is designed to provide you financial compensation when you suffer due to a major unforeseen event that has a significant impact on your finances. We know that the best insurance will forever be the one that you don’t need, but it is always better to have and not need – than to need and not have. The risk of living without insurance is too great and therefore insurance is needed. Insurance Link helps you get the insurance you need at a price you can afford.

Contact us today and speak to an adviser in your area about the right insurance for you.

Life Insurance

Life Cover provides a lump-sum payment in the event of your death: it provides financial compensation for your loved ones to help manage debt and expenses, and to fund the future lifestyle for the family.

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Trauma Insurance

While causing considerable difficulty, the majority of illnesses do not result in death. Trauma Cover provides a lump sum payment which can be used to cover income loss, debt and other personal costs.

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Disability Insurance (TPD)

Total Permanent Disability Insurance, often referred to as TPD, provides a lump sum should you be unable to work - permanently - due to an accident or serious illness.

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Income Protection

Income Protection Cover is a monthly benefit designed to replace your income should you suffer a total or partial disability, which leaves you to be unable to earn your normal income. Helpful financial assistance to keep you manage expenses and debt.

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Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Insurance is designed to cover your mortgage repayments should you lose your income due to an illness, accident, or death (some policies also have a redundancy option).

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Medical Insurance

There are numerous types of Medical Insurance - from covering doctors bills to protection for surgery and specialists and everything in between. Health is everything and having Medical Insurance can help you get the treatment you need, fast without creating financial stress.

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So, are you covered in the event of a crisis?

We believe insurance should provide protection against “severe impact risk” and that lesser risk should be self insured. Our advice process will help you understand what your financial needs are and which insurance products can best meet your needs. 

We continually monitor insurance providers to ensure we provide you with the best insurance products available. We also review whether you are underinsured or perhaps paying for cover on which you cannot claim.

For impartial advice that will give you greater peace of mind about your financial wellbeing, contact us today.

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