Mortgage Link Group Values

Any successful organisation is built on clear and quality values. It is evident from the high regard Mortgage Link Advisers are held in by their clients, our lender partners and the industry, that our brand is strongly reflective of the values we hold.

In operating our businesses the Mortgage Link group holds the following values:

Doing the right thing by our clients, our lenders, our licensees, their advisers and staff and the Mortgage Link stakeholders.

Possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and professional standards.

Being outstanding in the way we work and relate to others. Making sure we know our clients and their changing needs and situation. Ensuring we relate appropriate needs-based analysis and advice to the current market.

The Company and our individual businesses are open about how we conduct ourselves and we honor our respective responsibilities. As a consequence, we trust each other and have confidence in our delivery.

We recognize our successes and celebrate the achievements of our clients, businesses and our company and staff.

Respect and Value
In dealing with our clients and each other we respect and value individual attributes and deal with everyone in a measured, professional way.