What we do

Mortgage Link is your “Link to the Right Mortgage”

We source the best available interest rates at the most suitable conditions for your situation and your requirements.

How we do it

  1. The first date
    Your local Mortgage Link adviser will meet with you and introduce himself / herself. We value our personal relationships with our clients and it’s important that you know us also.

    We will also give you a disclosure statement that clearly outlines the extent of our services.

  2. Tell us what you need
    Your adviser will ask you a few questions and complete a fact finding sheet (see below) with you to get to know you and your requirements better. 

  3. We'll do all the work!

    Your adviser will walk you through all the questions and requirements that we will need for any potential lenders.
    This includes all information and common questions that allow the lenders to assess any security you can offer and how much you can repay.
    It will also help us establish what the ideal repayment terms and conditions should be and it will help us spot any potential difficulties or problems

  4. We source the best loan for your needs and circumstances

    Your adviser will fine-tune the information you have provided us with and approach suitable banks and lenders on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

    Once we’ve heard back from the lenders we will present you with a detailed report that outlines available options and outlines our advice on the best course of action.

  5. Ready, set - GO!

    Once you’ve selected the option you wish to proceed with your Mortgage Link adviser will work through the process with you and your selected lender until the money’s in the bank and the key to the house is in your hands!

  6. We follow up

    We want to make sure that you are absolutely happy with the service you received and the outcome we achieved for you!

    So we will stay in touch with you for the lifetime of your loan and – if needed – advise you on any adjustments you should consider as time goes on.

Want to prepare for the meeting?

If you want to make your application process very efficient and prepare for the meeting with your adviser please check our sample application form below and take a look at a checklist we have compiled for you.

For more information on our process please contact Mortgage Link or an adviser in your area.

Download Form Download Checklist